Frédérique has been working as an actor since she was 7 years old.  Exceptionally focused as a child and now as a teenager, her talent and drive has garnered her roles on the big screen, in television and in commercials. With remarkable ease and talent, she has cornered the market in voice work and dubbing.


Over the last few years, Frédérique has made a contribution to several important TV series including Les Poupées Russes (Russian Dolls). As well, she has become the French voice for such important actors as Miley Cyrus’  “Penny” in Disney’s animation Volt and Chloë Grace Moretz “The Equalizer”. She has been seen on the big screen in CQ2, Carole Laure’s acclaimed feature film and A no-hit no-run summer by well-known Quebec director Francis Leclerc.

Since January 2009, Frédérique has been playing “Dalie” in the daily TV show Tactik for Tele-Québec.(More than 250 episodes) This role has garnered her a Gemini Award in 2011 for  BEST LEAD PERFORMANCE in a Youth-oriented TV Series. The same role won her BEST PERFORMANCE IN A TV SERIES at the 33rd Young Artist Awards Gala in Los Angeles in May 2012.

Frédérique continues to work on a variety of TV shows (L’Horrarium, FanClub, MDR and KARV l’anti-Gala). As of Septembre 2012 she is now seen in the new TV series Unité 9 on CBC National Television and as Léa. Again, May 5th 2013, Frédérique rides again at the 34th Young Artist Awards in Los Angeles and won BEST PERFOMANCE IN A TV SERIES for her role of Léa.  Frédérique has proven she not only has talent but a work ethic that allows her to get top grades at school while working and perfecting her skills as an actor. She continues to study languages, diction, dance and acting.

On a personal note, Frédérique is an avid reader, interested in music, singing and dance. She is an accomplished soccer player, skier, gymnast and dancer. She is involved in her community, volunteering for a variety of causes and has taken her leadership role amongst her fans very seriously.  She has good strong values, fights for what she believes in, is disciplined yet joyous, always seeking to surpass the goals she has set for herself.